Popular online merchant Element Games specializes in Warhammer and Warhammer 40k products for tabletop wargaming. Although they offer a wide range of products at low costs, the United States and other countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) are not eligible for their shipping policy. This scholarly article, spanning 1000 words, will examine the intricacies of Element Games’ shipment limitations and examine substitute avenues for obtaining tabletop wargaming products within the United States.

Understanding the Shipping Policy of Element Games:

Element Games states unequivocally on its website that deliveries are only permitted to nations that are part of the European Economic Area. For deliveries inside the UK, they mostly use Royal Mail, which provides a range of choices with varying delivery times and prices.

Reasons for Shipping Restrictions:

Element Games’ choice to refrain from shipping to the US and other non-EEA territories is probably influenced by a number of factors:

Logistics and Regulatory Difficulties: Shipping internationally, particularly across continents, presents a number of intricate logistical and regulatory issues. Managing tariffs, postal systems, and customs processes can be difficult and resource-intensive, which could affect the company’s productivity and profitability.

Prioritize the European Market: Given that they most likely have a solid customer base there and are acquainted with local laws and regulations, Element Games may choose to concentrate its efforts and experience there.

Alternative Distribution Channels: To reach clients in the US and other non-EEA territories, Element Games may use alliances with other shops or distributors. Rather than managing their own direct overseas shipment, they may decide to concentrate on selling their goods in bulk to reputable US shops.

Examining Other Options for US Clients:

Notwithstanding Element Games’ constraints, citizens of the US have a few choices if they want to purchase tabletop wargaming products:

US-Based stores: A large number of US-based stores focus on Warhammer and Warhammer 40k, among other tabletop wargaming products. These shops frequently have web presences that make shopping and perusing easy.

Online marketplaces: Products for tabletop wargaming can be found in a variety of online marketplaces, including those run by foreign sellers. Examples of these marketplaces are Amazon and eBay. It is imperative, nevertheless, to investigate the standing of merchants and confirm that they provide authentic merchandise and dependable delivery methods.

Direct Orders from Games Workshop: The company that makes Warhammer and Warhammer 40k, Games Workshop, has an online store that offers international shipping. Although shipping may be more expensive than with certain stores, this alternative provides direct access to the newest releases and official merchandise.

Extra Things to Think About:

Shipping Charges and Customs Fees: Be sure to account for possible shipping charges and customs fees when making purchases from online marketplaces or non-US sellers. These may considerably raise the total cost of your transaction.

Product Availability and Availability: It’s important to take into account any potential differences in product availability and release dates across different countries, even though a bigger selection may be offered abroad.

Customer Service and Return Policy: To guarantee a seamless shopping experience in the event of any problems, choose merchants with dependable customer service and unambiguous return policies.


Although Element Games does not ship to the United States at this time, there are plenty of other options that serve Americans who are interested in tabletop wargaming products. US clients can still get their hands on a range of tabletop wargaming products and fulfill their gaming desires by looking into trustworthy US-based stores, internet marketplaces, or even placing direct orders with Games Workshop. When making your final purchase selection, don’t forget to do your homework, compare prices, account for possible shipping expenses, and pay any applicable customs duties.

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